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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Please discuss everything concerning this topic on the "discussion" tab of this page. If you're not sure whether your ideas are fitting the Unknown Horizons style, either use the related discussion page or ask us. Please don't directly edit the article!



Sketch by André


By clicking and holding MMB on an object on the map a context menu appears. The player can set common settings here like pushing a building out of service.


First the player have to click one building with the MMB and hold the button. To activate an option he have to move the mouse on one button while holding the middle mouse button.

A few common functions are:

  • Push a building out of service
  • Upgrade a building to the next class
  • Forced request to pick up goods by a branch office cart
  • Pull down the building

Use Cases

This feature should allow the player to attend the most common functions with only one click.

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