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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
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This article covers the behaviour of cattle and wild animals (including fish). They are all like independing units moving around freely and randomly in a certain area the are bound to (pastures, hunting grounds and so on).

Cattle: Cattle (sheeps, cows and so on) is bound to a pasture. This pasture represents the area the single units are moving around. The animal will grow (graphically) indicating the amount of resources already present in the animals inventory. When grown up the farmer will go and get a grown up unit. Its resources are put into the inventory of the farm and the animal is deleted. After some time a new animal will appear on the pasture and start growing.

Wild animals: Wild animals are bound to the hunting-grounds. The are harvsted by a hunter and have generally more space to move around (depending on the general bigger size of a hunting ground). In opposite to cattle wild animals will start the game grown up and the growing process will foremost start after respawn. Their respawn after harvested is depending on the size of the hunting-ground.

Fish: One fish is not very much therefore fish will appear as shoals of fish which are bound to the ground type water - resp. deep water. Like wild animals the inventory of shoals is full at game start, but bigger - more like other resource deposits. Moving around at water ground shoals will wether grow nor shrink. When empty they disappear and a new one will appear somewhere else on the map.

Implementation related notes

None so far.


  • Cattle - animation and resource (e.g. cows are resources before being slaughtered) gfx
  • Wild animals - animation gfx
  • Fish - shoal animation gfx



Further development.

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