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The economical balance is roughly defined by 2 extends:

  • The settlers have to pay enough, so that running costs are covered and a small profit exists.
  • The production buildings have to produce enough for the settlers.
Note Note:
Please note that the following examples are only suggestions, if you experienced a different gameplay, please add the examples which in your opinion suit better or best!

Also note that since the game is in dynamic development some changes may have altered the gameplay hugely after those proposals were done. the current values can be viewed using the tool

user@pc: unknown-horizons

with various options.
~eoc. 22:22, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

At pioneer level

I (totycro) suggest, we define 1 or more example settlement with a reasonable economic structure and number of buildings, and make sure, that the balancing requirements are fulfilled.

A settlement at pioneer level with this buildings should work:

Example 1: totycro

  • 1 branch office
  • 2 lumberjacks
  • 1 farm + 4 potato fields and 1 sheep field
  • 1 weaver
  • 1 market place
  • 8 settlers

Example 2: eoc

(running costs displaying the sum of each line) plus fail @ understanding resource needs calculations (-,

  • 1 each: branch office, market place, storage tent 0
  • 2 lumberjacks 10 / 0
  • 12 settler tents (max. inhabitants: 30) 0
needing (per minute): 8 textile, 8 faith 1, 12 food.
  • 2 fishermen (producing 6 food each) 10 / 0 «« too little efforts to get food here. potato field should be more effective since we have a farm at that point of the game anyways, so why not have 3 potato fields and one fisher producing enough food?
  • 1 chapel (producing 15 faith 1) 15 / 5
  • 1 farm + 3 pasture (producing 8-9 wool) 10 / 5
  • 1 weaver (producing 8 textile) 15 / 5

So a total value of running costs 50 (without the lumberjacks since they are not needed steadily) should be paid as taxes on normal tax regulation in my opinion, therefore 4 - 5 Icon gold.png per tent or 1.5-2 per inhabitant.

Example 3: Atomicbomb

(This example is for Unknown Horizons Version 2011.1 and above.)

IMPORTANT: To maximize the storaging speed, you can make the at least 6 fishermen / 3 farms / etc. to have access to only one storage or two storages(depending on how many production buildings you have, but I recommend 3 storages per 3 farms). The collectors will tend to store in random storages if you give them access to many storages. This is my key strategy.

If you're on Sailor (first) tier, this should work.

IMPORTANT: Do not worry too much about money flow now, since your food production is limited to hunters and fishermens.

(I recommend you to build this in order)

  • 1 Branch office.
  • 1 Marketplace. I recommend to put your marketplace with at least 8 to 10 tiles far to any un-buildable terrains (like oceans) so, you can optimize space to build your houses/tents.
  • 6-12 Houses. I'm not sure how many food that the settlers will demand, I usually adapt the amount of fishermen buildings with my food requirements.
  • 6-12 fishermens. Try to adapt the fisher number with the food requirements.
  • I don't like to build hunter buildings, since they look useless to me.
  • 1 Chapel to keep your citizens happy. Build it near houses and it must have an access to roads and houses.

If you had done that, then you will advance to Pioneer(second) tier soon. If you still not make it, try to build more houses and fishers.

If you're on Pioneer (second) tier:

(This is based on a condition if you have built all things in previous suggestion.)

IMPORTANT: This is the hardest part of the game, you need to build a large town and a strong economy.

  • First, build your houses, a lot of. Put it near the house, this should be done carefully to maximize the usage of space,
  • Build a lot of farms with POTATO fields.
  • If your income went negative, build more houses, counter it with farms if the food went low.
  • I don't like to build the sheep or sugar farms in this tier because it don't affect so much in this tier (build it if you want to and if your income supports you).
  • If you want to advance, just purchase some goods(that are required for advance) from the free trader.

If you're on Settler (third) tier:

  • Build 2 or 3 distilleries, the build taverns(a lot)
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