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Select a building from the menu and place it with the cursor somewhere on the map. An unbuild house should be displayed semi-transparent with wether a red colored overlay (can NOT be placed there) or a green colored overlay (can be placed there). The building can only be played at a location where is enough space and all condidtions are satisfied (for mines or similar companies) - as well as the locations has to be within the settlement's reach.

A building has 4 different sides. The backalley probably should not face the street but the gateway. There are three ways this could be handled:

  1. We give a shit about and all buildings face the same direction. (Inacceptable!)
  2. The buildings automatically face the closest street.
  3. In the build menu there is an area where you can chose the image you want to have displayed for the current camera view.

Implementation related note

Beside of the color overlay (red or green) a tile grid should be displayed to show where exactly space is unavailable.


The player enters the build menu from the GUI and choose the building he wants to place by clicking on it. Moving the cursor back onto the map there is the building displayed as a semi-transparent image at the cursor which can be moved freely over the map. When the player found a location he/she like the building can be build by clickinig again.

Depending on the way building's direction is handled the player might have the opportunity to choose in the build menu with direction should face the current cam view.

Graphical content

Each building needs two additional semi-transparent images displayed in green and red at the cursor before the building is finally placed.



Should be part of first milestone to a certain degree.

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