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To decrease running costs to a certain amount the player has the option to decomission a building or unit. The intention is to give the player the opportunity to have no need to demolish buildings or destroy units just to save gold or because their capacities are not needed at the current time.

There is a different behaviour for decommissioning buildings or units:

Decommissioning buildings:

This can be done at any time with any building. The building will stop its prodution immidiatly.

Decommissioning units:

This can also be done at any time _but_ only if the units are in reach of an according building - like a ship in reach of a friendly harbor. Decommissioned units can be moved with half of their movement speed but no other action can be performed - this includes defending from enemy attacks.

Implementation related note

None so far.


Within the building or unit info window the player can press a button to decomission buildings or units. Decommissiones objects will be display ingame differently - e.g. in grayscale or with an overhead icon.

Graphical content

Button gfx and eventually overhead ingame icons.



This can be implemented in later development.

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