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Branch offices can only be build on island coasts. The first branch office radius marks the reach of a settlement. The reach is the radius around the branch office where new buildings can be placed. To gros the settlement you will have to extend its reach. Wether you can build another branch office on the coast which radius of reach is added to the one of the first branch office or you can build a warehouse which in opposite to the branch office includes no port function for sea vessels but can be build upcountry. Warehouses can only be build when there is already a branch office.

As soon as a warehouse or branch office is destreoyed or demolished the reach of the settlement will decrease by the radius covered by this building. All other buildings in that former reach will stop their production and the player loses his/her ownership as long as he/she does not reconquer the reach by building a new warehouse or branch office. Meanwhile another player will have the opportunity tho occupy those buildings by merging them into his settlement's reach by building up a warehouse or branch office himself.

Brach offices and warehouses are basically the same kind of buildings with little differences. As long as there is one of them left the player will not lose the game.

Implementation related notes

  • Overlapping radiuses of the buildings are ignored.
  • The reach of both buildings is compatible of course.
  • Ownership of buildings should not be dependent on who build them but in who's reach they are.


The player will just have to build the according buildings within the reach of the current settlement.

One way to win a game is to destroy all branch offices and warehouses of one and/or all other players.



Extending settlments could but not nessessarily needs to be part of first milestone.

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