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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
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Farms are handled differently than in in the Anno series. Instead of having one building for each agricultural purpose in UH there are companies being able to work a broader selection of fields an pastures - but also some stand alone companies. The following list shows roughly a possible disposition:

  • Farms (basic agriculture):
    • wheat/corn
    • potatoes
    • fruits
    • vegetables
    • hemp
    • sheeps
    • cows
    • hen
    • pigs
    • etc.
  • Stand alone (special purpose):
    • plantations (exotic agriculture)
    • green house
    • beekeeping
    • winery
    • medical herb garden
    • horse stable
    • etc.

While the stand alone companies are introduced to the game in one certain tier the farms are available over several tiers. They differ in the amount of harvesters available and their reach radius. The harvesters limit the effectiveness of the companies to how many fields/pastures can be worked at one time. The reach radius defines the areas where fields/pastures can be placed to be worked by one company. Basically the radius is meant to be wider to provide the possibility not to place fields/pastures directly close to the companies. The disadvantage of far away agricultural areas is the time a harvester needs to get there and back.

Implementation related notes

Fields and pastures are handled differently. Fields are buildable resource deposits where harvesters gather resources when "grown", meaning that the deposit's inventory is filled with resources. Pastures are just areas, which animals are bound to. The animals are the resource deposits, which harvesters gather when their inventory is filled.


For farms, different graphics are needed for each tier, in which they appear. Stand alone companies will only need one graphical asset.

Instead of small 1x1 tile buildings, fields/pastures are bigger - most probably same size as the relevant company.



Might be part of first milestone to some degree.

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