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Fertility determines the productiveness of resource deposits the player has to build upon - like fields and pastures. Depending on the climates, fertility has different values for those resource deposits.

Note Note:
A detailed list of resources affected by fertility is missing here.

dauerflucher 18:26, 27 September 2007 (CEST)

Implementation related notes

Depending on how the map editor generates islands and climate zones the fertility is bound to

  1. whether the whole island - every island has its own climate and consequently fertility values according to this climate; fertility has to be displayed on the ingame GUI for the whole island only.
  2. or the tile space the climate is set up - every tile within this area has the fertility values for the climates zone; fertility has to be displayed for every single tile.

Whatever the ingame GUI will look like there should be a space where images of the resources are displayed with percentage values or different colored icons (e.g. green=good; yellow=medium; red=bad) for fertility.

There are two possible ways the fertility might affect the productiveness of companies:

  1. The companies working resources on the same speed but with less productiveness.
  2. The companies working resources with the same productiveness, but with less speed.


The player directly has no influence on how the map editor generates the fertility except of having the option to choose the climates used or ignored for map generation.

The display on the ingame GUI will show the player fertility values and the player can decide if the effects on companies are acceptable or not.

Graphical content

Fertility has no tile images just resource images for the productiveness display on the ingame GUI.

Note Note:
A detailed list of resource images is missing here.

dauerflucher 18:27, 27 September 2007 (CEST)

Audio content



  • Fertility should be implemented in the first milestone.
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