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Fog of war is a method of hiding terrain or activities of other players in order to create suspense and make the game more interesting.

There are 2 kinds of seeing, it can be enabled/disabled in setting menu. Only one can be enabled 1. or 2. For Multiplayer, the host has to decide what kind of settings are used.

  1. fog of war: you can see all parts of the map, where you have or had units. But on the parts where you have no buildings or units, is not necessarily up to date. You can't see new build buildings or units. Only buildings are shown, you saw in the past, as you had a unit there. Unexplored parts of the map are black.
    1. grey mist: this is an extra option for fog of war. This means that these parts of the map, which you can't see currently, have a gray mist over it.
  2. see whole map: at game start the player can see the whole map with everything, units buildings etc.

Implementation related notes

By building a warehouse, you will now see the hole isle, not only in this radius that the branch office has for the collector. This depends on the fact, that you explore the isle, before you starting to build up a new settlement.

Fog of War: What you can see depends on the 'collector'-radius of your buildings and units.

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