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Starting with a ship, the player starts to investigate and sail through the world. If he encounters an island, he will examine which natural resources are available on it and how plants grow there. In the case he decides to settle there, he can order his ship to build an outpost at the designated position. Therewith he has founded a new settlement. Of course the player can repeat this process on any additional islands he wants to settle. In the next step, he builds the basic buildings required for a successful colony (e.g. a lumberjack, a fisher etc.). As soon as he has accomplished that, he continually tries to raise the level of his population, for example by building new buildings, importing goods not found on the island and so on. However, there is a limit how far goods will be transported from and to the branch office. Nevertheless, the player has the possibility to build warehouses to extend the area of the island belonging to him. The warehouse, just like all buildings, has to be in the radius of the branch office or in the radius of another warehouse.

Implementation related notes

For founding new settlements it have to be possible to build the branch office as the only building without dependencies on other buildings and/or an existing reach of a former settlement. Only the vessel has to be in range of an island and a potential place to build on while being supplied with the according resources.

The vessel itself needs to have an own reach.


The player will have to navigate the starting unit to an island of his choice. As soon as the vessel is in range of the island the player will be able to choose a place where he can build but only in the reach of the vessel.



The first milestone will feature one island only. The whole exploration part with a vessel will miss and it should only be possible to decide where to freely place the branch office.

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