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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
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The basic idea is to form groups of units which can be selected via keypress to simplify the navigation of more than one unit at once. For those groups certain features from the unit menu will be avaiable to send commands to the whole group - like combat, formation, route and such - while stuff like cargo and ship details are not displayed. Most probably groups of units will be handled by an own menu with slightly different content from the unit menu.

Due to the amount of number keys on a keyboard there will be 10 possible groups - with the marks 1 - 0.

Implementation related notes

None so far.


The player can select units wether using the bounding box or by selecting one, hold down CTRL(or maybe SHIFT) and select another. With CTRL + KEY 1-0 the unit(s) is(are assigned to one of the available group "slots". When pressing the according KEY 1-0 again (w/o CTRL) the group is reselected when wanted. To delete an existing group the player just select no unit and assign this to the group "slot" he wants to delete.

To add a unit to a group the player just need to select the group and the additional unit(s) and assign all to the same group "slot" again.

To delete a unit from a group the player just need to select the group and deselct the unit(s) he wants to remove and assign the remaining ones to the same group "slot" again.


The group number will be display like the health bar via ingame rendering.

Gfx for an additional group menu will be needed.



Might be part of first milestone to some degree.

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