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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
The article reflects the design at that point. For new features or improvements, please create an own article or tickets instead of editing this page!


The resource bar gives an overview over the resource status of the island. Gold as a player-wide, essential resource is always displayed. Important resources are not necessarily the same on every island/settlement, so we allow to customize (and save) the displayed resources based on what settlement is hovered.

Concrete proposal

  • The bar contains 6 slots for resources and the gold slot on the very left.
    • A slot consists of an icon and a label displaying the amount.
  • If the user is about to build something, another number appears below the other number.
    • This number shows how much of each displayed resource this building costs.
  • When a building is about to be placed, the resource bar will always only contain the resources necessary for construction (currently lumber, clay, bricks, tools, stone, marble => 6 at most).
    • This makes it easy to display the resource costs; else players might not see some of the costs if they have other resources selected in this settlement's resource bar.
  • Since the important resources aren't the same on every island, players can adopt them.
    • To change a resource, the user clicks on the resource icon or empty slot. A widget appears below the resource bar where you select the resource to be displayed in this icon slot.
    • The selection widget should be consistent with other resource selections in the game (e.g. buysell tab and trade routes).

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