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The world in Unknown Horizons first consists only of water tiles. These tiles populate the space within the map size and the space behind the edge to create the illusion of an endless sea.

This void is filled with Islands. Islands are static chunks of terrain, but can be placed in the world at run-time. Technically, the terrain is defined by a flat 2D-Array of tiles. In this context, terrain means all kinds of land and water, so an island can create special water tiles like fishing grounds.

The island is an important logical entity, since every building has associated exactly one island to it. Therefore a city can be defined as a set of buildings of the same player on the same island.

Use Cases

  • Script places island into world, blocking units have to be handled in some way.
  • Island is removed from worls by script.


The island concept is fundamental and has to appear in the first milestone.

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