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Note Note:
This list is more like a brainstorming of what might be interesting. It's still lacking detailed descriptions and has abolutely no liability.

--dauerflucher 01:12, 22 October 2007 (CEST)

A rough list of possible land units featured by UH.

  • Military units:
    • infantry:
      • militia (lightly armed, badly trained voluntary civilists)
      • light infantry (lightly armed, trained soldiers)
      • heavy infantry (heavily armed, well trained soldiers)
      • grenadiers (heavily armed elite soldiers trained in use of granades - bonuses when attacking fortified place)
      • sharpshooters (lightly armed former hunters, elite soldiers - bonuses when attacking from woods or fortified place)
      • mercenaries (units which are bought for gold only instead of other resources)
    • cavalry:
      • light cavelry (lightly armed mounted soldiers with sabres)
      • dragoons (lightly armed mounted soldiers with carbines)
      • heavy cavelry (heavily armed mounted soldiers with sabres and cuirasses)
    • Artillery:
      • canons (artillery for direct fire - most effective against units)
      • howitzer (artillery for less direct fire - similar effective against units and buildigs)
      • mortars (artillery for indirect fire - most effective against buildings)
  • Civil units:
    • prospectors (special unit to find ore deposits in mountains)
    • carting traders (unit to carry stock over land)
  • Special units:
    • explorer (I have no idea what i was thinking about when adding this unit...)
    • spies (special unit to be placed in enemy territory to see what's going on there)
    • saboteur (special unit to sabotage or rather destroy enemy facilities)
    • treasure hunters (when a treasure feature is implemented this is the unit to dig for treasures)
    • balloon (?) (possible special unit to reduce fog of war - only one available)

A rough list of possible sea units featured by UH.

Note Note:
Due to the pretty small size of a real building compared to a bigger ship it might be a good idea to avoid big ships and just use a variation of smaller vessels for OA instead to imply a little bit realism.

--dauerflucher 01:12, 22 October 2007 (CEST)

  • Fishing vessels:
    • fisching boat - common one- or two-masted sailing boat for fishing close to the coast like a pinnace, yawle or longboat
    • cutter - generally one-masted small ship with higher fishing capacities
    • herring fisher - two- to three-masted ship for independent fishing on open sea like a scooner, sloop, brig or hagboat
    • whaler - two- to three-masted ship carrying the whaling boats and directly processing the haul
  • Merchant vessels:
    • boat - common one- or two-masted sailing boat like a longboat, yawl or pinnace
    • courier ship - one- to two-masted ship like a sloop, scooner, galleass or billander
    • small merchant ship - two-masted ship like a snow, ketch or brig
    • big merchant ship - three-masted full rigged ship like a frigate
  • War ships:
    • small gunboat - small one-masted sailing boat like a yawl armed with a gun
    • big gunboat - bigger one-masted sailing boat like a pinnace or barge armed with two or more guns
    • naval cutter - generally one-masted small ship lightly armed with serveral guns
    • sloop-of-war - two-masted unclassified warship like a snow, ketch or brig
    • corvette - three-masted unclassified warship smaller but similar to a frigate
    • frigate - three-masted most common classified war ship with one gun deck
    • ship-of-the-line - three-masted heavy warship able to stand a line of battle with two gun decks
    • bombadiere - two-masted ship like a ketch armed with mortars
    • galley - sailing ship with rowing capacities like a xebec
  • Special units:
    • submarine - unarmed vessel for espionage activities (still open to discussions)
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