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Systems to share own maps:


Solution 1

The player who starts the game sends a hash of the chosen map to a master-server wich checks it against a database of the maps he holds. If it is not there the client will start uploading it. All clients that want to join the game will be prompted if the want to download the map or not.


  • Probably easier to implement
  • Lesser traffic for all users


  • High traffic and hdd-space consumption on server-side.

Solution 2

The player who start the game, send his map to another player, who take part on the game. Then both send the map to the next players, it's like an avalanche or torrent. So it's easy to share maps to lot of players, wothout having a master server.


  • No extra traffic on server-side
  • Less traffic on client side
  • The more clients the more speed is avaliable -> torrent concept


  • Harder to implement as we would need a p2p based system (or would need to use torrent in background wich would result in another dep)
  • Vunerable for manipulations if you don't make use of hashes all the time
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