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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
The article reflects the design at that point. For new features or improvements, please create an own article or tickets instead of editing this page!


Captains Logbook Widget

Currently Implemented

  • The logbook opens on each new arriving message.
  • Each single page represents a single message. That could mean the right page is empty e.g on the first log entry.
  • With the pistol buttons on the lower left you can switch through old messages.
  • The X Symbol closes the book and the game continues.
  • On closing the book the first time each new content section is added, a notification message appears summarizing your next objective.
  • Displaying images (as new line)
  • (removed again after implementing) As long as the book is open, the game is paused.

Need to be Implemented

  • Bold / italics font

Ingame Chat Widget

Currently Implemented

  • It's only possible to chat with players in the same game (what would we want to change about this?)
  • All incoming messages are displayed for a specific time (some seconds) and disappear after that, if the widget isn't in focus.
  • answering via hotkey (c)
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