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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
The article reflects the design at that point. For new features or improvements, please create an own article or tickets instead of editing this page!




Note Note:
This is one of the most common and well known features a game could have. That's why I forbear writing a detailed description of something everybody knows. Maybe "scrolling" the game map via mini map is also related to this scrolling feature but I personally can't see any relation there...

--dauerflucher 00:14, 22 October 2007 (CEST)

Implementation related notes

Basic scrolling is already part of the FIFEngine. You only have to check if this feature already provides everything we need.


Pressing the according button(s) in the game GUI, using hotkeys or via cursor on screen edges.


  • Scrolling should appear in first milestone.
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