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Each settler building should have an own happiness value. It's influenced by what they get and how much they have to pay(taxes). Also, a certain value should be necessary so that the settlers can enter a new level.

Points to Fulfill

  • Happiness increases when goods are got by settler's collector.
  • Happiness decreases when consumed goods are used up.
  • Settlers have to die or decrease in level when happiness reaches a certain minimum.
  • A certain value of happiness is required for entering a new level.
  • Happiness is influenced by the tax setting

Implementation details

Happiness is an integer, ranging from 0 to 100. You can think of it as "percent". The settler collector will notify the building, that new goods have arrived. The building will then react in terms of raising the happiness value. Every x ticks, the building checks which resources are missing (depends on the tier level), and decreases the happiness aproprietly. This could be done each time the taxes are paid.

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