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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Please discuss everything concerning this topic on the "discussion" tab of this page. If you're not sure whether your ideas are fitting the Unknown Horizons style, either use the related discussion page or ask us. Please don't directly edit the article!


Implementing Sound in Unknown Horizons

[coming soon]

Event Handling in Unknown Horizons

[coming soon]

Licensing Sound in Unknown Horizons

You can contribute and include sound assets either created/recorded/used by you if and only if they do not violate any third party copyright and are legally usable by you.

All our own audiovisual media content is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 Unported License.

If you are contributing sound assets that can be used in Unknown Horizons by you, but you are not the copyright owner of them, please ensure that they are available under a suitable license (preferably: CC-By-SA).

Read the Unknown Horizon License for updated, specific and exact details.

Creating new sound assets

[coming soon]

Types of Sound Assets

Object Event State
Interface Button Click (NA)

Naming your Sound Assets

[coming soon]

Preferred Audio Formats

[coming soon]

Requesting New Sound Resources

The fastest way of requesting a new sound asset for the game is to create a new ticket for those assets on our project management tool. When you create that ticket, ensure that the following is definitely done on it:

  • The component is selected as "music/sound"
  • Add one of the developers mentioned below in the CC list in the ticket.

Roadmap for Sound

Sound is being implemented in unknown Horizons from the ground up. We are currently building a scalable system that will support adding new sounds within the game rapidly. Once the base system for sound is done, we will start with interface sounds, then tier 1 buildings and their walkers.

For a detailed listing of whats coming next in sound in Unknown Horizons, please see the Roadmap for Sound in our project management tool.

Go to Developers

Following developers are currently working on implementing sound in the game, for any details feel free to contact them on #unknown-horizons:

If you want to take up the responsibility of managing sound in UH, contact one of the developers mentioned above on the IRC channel.

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