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This works very similarly to supplying inhabitants with resources.

A service building produces a resource that inhabitants treat like food, cloth etc. - they pick it up at the corresponding service building, then consume it and after a certain period of time go and look for replenishment.

The service buildings have a storage limit, thus can maybe not serve many housings in time. This means that one needs to build more service buildings of that kind, adding not only the range factor as delimiter to the game. The player will need to have a look from time to time, maintain the settlement and react where bottlenecks occur.

Some buildings may consume resources to provide their service resource. This production line is similar to any other, so the consumption is not depending on time but on fetched ( = need to reproduce) service resource units.

Distinguish between services the inhabitants demand and such they desire. The latter are not necessary for development, but providing them will give you more tax income. A demand for services needs to be fulfilled in order to reach the next tier. A desired service may also become demanded in later tiers.

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