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The tear menu should be part of the build menu (seperated into build mode and tear mode). Its function is to provide the user interface to tear down buildings and similiar objects on the game map.

Additionally there should be a button in the infoboxes of each building and unit where you directly can demolish or kill the object (see according article for more details).

Implementation related note

None so far.


The player enters the build menu via button press. The menus default mode is the set to build mode (select and place buildings on map). Pressing an additional button on top of the build menu switches to tear mode (select and demolish objects on map). In tear mode the player has two tabs: The main tab with a list of all selected objects which he might tear down at once by pressing a button on bottom of the tab; And another tab for thear mode settings where the player can choose which objects are affected by the tear function (like buildings, trees, streets and so on (maybe also units)).

To tear down an object the player just has to enter tear mode and select the according object on the game map by pressing left mouse button. This object will show up in the list and colorly overlayed then. If the player wants to deselect this object he just needs to click on it another time with left mouse button. This object will then dissappear from the list again. It is possible to select more than one object which will all show up in the list and be demolished when tearing is confirmed. To delete the whole list at once the player just needs to press right mouse button.

When tearing is confirmed all selected objects will be demolished on the game map and tear mode is quit automatically switching back to build mode.

Graphical content

Common gui navigation buttons:

  • Tear mode icon for build menu
  • Tear mode main icon for tear tab
  • Tear mode settings icon for tear tab
  • to be continued...


This could be part of next milestone.

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