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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Parts of it may only exist on paper and not in-game yet. Please don't use this page as reference for actual game content.

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First Tier - Sailors


Create basic infrastructure, a few settlers, some food productions and enough wood as building material.

Detailed Description

It's about setting up the real essential stuff. At first you need wood to be able to build anything. Then the only task that's left is to produce some food to not let the settlers starve and boost their happiness to the second tier with a small church. For upgrading, one needs wood as building material.

Requirements to level up

  • Buildings: Market place, Chapel
  • Goods: Community, Food, Faith 1
  • Happiness: ≥ 70
  • Inhabitants: 3
  • Upgrade Material: 2 tons of wood (no tools because it is a rare resource)
  • Settlement Size: 50 inhabitants

List of Buildings

  • Economy
    • Lumberjack + Trees
    • Hunter
    • Fisher
  • Residential
    • Settler tents
    • Ministry
    • Market Place
  • Infrastructure
    • Storage Building
    • Trails and Bridge
    • Signal fire
  • Military
    • Lookout
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