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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Parts of it may only exist on paper and not in-game yet. Please don't use this page as reference for actual game content.

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Second Tier - Pioneers


The settlers can already survive - now make their life a bit more pleasant

Detailed Description

Since the settlers have survived the first few weeks in their cotton tents, they now start to build homes and other buildings made from wood. Now textiles are available. This makes them payer higher taxes, which enables a bit more complex production changes, e.g. farms instead of fishermen/hunters or the clay pit. Out of this clay bricks will be produced which make buildings "better" in a lot of ways. The settlers will want to live in buildings made of bricks too, so this is required for leveling up to tier 3.

Requirements to level up

  • Buildings: village school
  • Goods: Cloth, alcohol, 2+ different kinds of food
  • Happiness: ≥ 70
  • Inhabitants: i
  • Upgrade Material: 2 tons of wood, 1 ton each of: bricks, tools and clay
  • Settlement Size: s inhabitants

List of buildings

  • Economy
    • Farm
      • Potatoe field
      • Pasture with sheep
    • Weaver
    • Clay Pit
    • Brickyard
    • Boat Builder
    • Upgraded lumberjack
  • Residential
    • Upgraded housing
  • Infrastructure
    • Wooden Storage
  • Military
    • Wooden wall
    • Wooden tower

Maybe collectors/carrier could use wheelbarrows -> quicker transportation

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