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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Parts of it may only exist on paper and not in-game yet. Please don't use this page as reference for actual game content.

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Third Tier - Settlers


Half-timbered buildings and the first touch of luxury. Economy doubled.

Detailed Description

Settlers want more. This includes drinking alcohol not only at home but together with pals, so a tavern is necessary.

Slowly but surely your Settlers realize that food tastes better if appropriately spiced, so they demand to be supplied with salt.

Additionally, one of tobacco products and condiments is demanded to reach the next tier, if you can provide both, happiness (and tax income) will rise.

An awareness for the dangers of life here sets in, so you can further increase the general happiness by providing apothecary and/or doctor buildings.

New construction material theme in this tier is clay together with wood (better known as half-timbered style) and buildings will grow in size and color. It is possible to have clay (yes, raw clay) as a construction material in this level.

The economy has some upgrades to half-timbered houses (extended clay pit/shooting box/small boatyard/..) as well as new buildings, not necessarily in this look:

  • the carver to dress stone,
  • salt ponds (in warm climates, built like fisher) to evaporate salt of the sea,
  • tobacconist and tobacco fields for the farm (warm climates only)
  • cattle run/pig run (pigs need wood in middle ages' pig farming!)
  • butchery (cattle / pigs meat, hides, horns), tannery (salt+hides leather
  • herbs and hemp plantations for garden, spices for farm
  • the carpenter (which is necessary because now the lumberjack/forester only provides wood).

If we add a research feature, you should ned to research doctor, apothecary and weaving mill before you are able to build them. Research then however becomes available in this tier.

Now iron mining is possible and the whole production line iron mine, smeltery, toolmaker gets available. The first barracks can be built, too, but the only unit you can produce there now (without serious weapons) is a minor footman.

Requirements to level up

  • Buildings: (doctor/apothecary)1, tavern (consumes alcohol)
  • Goods: salt, (condiments/tobacco products)1, ...
  • Happiness: ≥ 70
  • Inhabitants: ≥ i
  • Upgrade Material: 4 tons of dressed stone, 1 ton of tools
  • Settlement Size: ≥ s inhabitants

List of Buildings

Moved here.

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