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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Parts of it may only exist on paper and not in-game yet. Please don't use this page as reference for actual game content.

Should you be interested in implementing some ideas, contact us!


Fourth Tier - Citizens


Mining and weapons, buildings of stone, industrial food production and a bit more luxury. Roads are made of cobblestone now.


Not necessarily exhaustive list of meetings with discussions about tier 4:

Detailed Description

New construction material theme in this tier is stone and buildings will get more massive and strong with certain accessories to cover the grayish gloom.

Sanitary facilities get important, so please build a public bath for your Citizens.

Demands get way more extraordinary. Provide 'better food' (this means have at least three different kinds of food), confectionery and one of (candles/lamp oil) as well as the missing part of tier 3 (spices/tobacco products)!

As in level 3, providing both lamp oil and candles probably helps your financial situation.

To fulfill all these needs, here is a short overview of your new economy branches:

Upgrades: deep iron mine, extended stone pit, brickworks, charcoal burning, professional fire brigade, inn, quay wall, ... New:

  • the pastry shop, using sugar and (almonds/cocoa)1 for pastry or honey, ropes and (almonds/cocoa)1 for pastry and candles
  • corn fields for bread, cocoa fields/vineyard/alvearies for confectionery (alvearies produce honeycombs, thus if these are used, the pastry shop will produce candles as well. Source)
  • almond groves and alvearies for garden
  • mill and bakery to produce bread (most effective food production, only one climate!)
  • cobbler (shoes), apiary (trees to honey),
  • copper mine, tin mine, brass foundry,
  • boatyard II

If we add a research feature, you should need to research doctor, apothecary and weaving mill before you are able to build them. Research then however becomes available in this tier.

Now tin and copper mining is possible, resulting in brass foundry, arsenal, gunsmith. Barracks get better with this new equipment now, too

Requirements to level up

  • Buildings: public baths (virtually consumes water, needs a pond in range)
  • Goods: 3+ kinds of food, (spices/tobacco products)2, (candles/lamp oil)1, confectionery
  • Happiness: ≥ 70
  • Inhabitants: ≥ i
  • Upgrade Material: 2 tons each of tools and dressed stone, 1 ton of randomly (wood/bricks)1
  • Settlement Size: ≥ s inhabitants
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