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This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document. Parts of it may only exist on paper and not in-game yet. Please don't use this page as reference for actual game content.

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Fifth Tier - Merchants


Senseless, sparkling... we need it! Lots of possibilities to satisfy lots of different desires.

Detailed Description

Construction material theme in this tier is still stone, but not that massive as in the previous level. The looks should be more colorful and the shapes of buildings are allowed to differ a lot.

Better (and bigger) versions of previously sufficient service buildings are available, of which big church (which requires, among others, bells to construct) as well as academy are necessary to reach the last tier.

There are not much goods demanded in this tier, you however still should try to supply your Merchants with as much of them as possible because otherwise you will not have any tax profit.

Upgrades: deep copper/tin mine, sawmill, carver, large weaving mill, stronghold, big boatyard, hospital, ... New:

  • faith II, eduction II, lighthouse II (consume candles, books, lamp oil)
  • tea garden consuming tea, coffee and water. Provides society
  • salt, gold, silver and gem mine, marble pit
  • saline and goldsmith
  • whale station, whale processing
  • coffee and cotton fields for farm, flower and indigo fields for garden
  • horse stable, saddler
  • (ragman, paper mill, writer)
  • tailor, perfumery, coffee roastery, candlemaker
  • rat catcher

In this tier, most research will enhance military technology both for ships and land units.

Requirements to level up

  • Buildings: big church, academy, tea garden
  • Goods: jewellery
  • Happiness: ≥ 70
  • Inhabitants: ≥ i
  • Upgrade Material: 3 tons of marble, 1 ton each of randomly chosen: (wood/bricks/tools/dressed stone)2
  • Settlement Size: ≥ s inhabitants
  • Desired (overview): (apothecary/doctor)1, (candles/lamp oil)1, shoes, garments, perfume, representation
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