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Answer This feature is available in-game
This page is part of the Unknown Horizons Design Document and the proposed features have been implemented.
The article reflects the design at that point. For new features or improvements, please create an own article or tickets instead of editing this page!


A new player is in general not familiar with how the game works. He might have some clue, know games that work similarly, or have no idea at all. The tutorial, as 'first campaign mission', should teach all of them, how all of the main features work, without being to boring to advanced users, that just want to get to know the game fully.


Build a settlement and make your inhabitants reach the second tier. The player should do this while being tutored via ingame explanations and advisements. It should say 'build 2 lumberjacks to ensure enough building material' (after the building menu was explained, of course), and display the next message, when the player did this.


This should be explained by the tutorial, in this order:

  • Selecting and moving units (correct mouse button)
  • Founding a settlement
  • Exchanging resources ship to branch office
  • Build menu
  • Building a lumberjack, trees in it's range and a road to the branch office
  • Building menus. Let the user view that the lumberjack produces and that the branch office picks it up.
  • Build food supply.
  • Explain settlers and their needs plus taxing.
  • Build market place and some settlers
  • Explain trade menu and storage system; buy tools
  • Build textile construction, explain chained productions.
  • Build pavilion and let your inhabitants upgrade

To make unexperienced players understand their task and notice what to perform where, we should add some kind of graphical hint after the tutorial orders the player to click somewhere etc. - maybe a small ping on the map/GUI or flashing buttons, an arrow pointing around, ...

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